Library Workshops ★

In-person technology workshops at libraries near you

We are excited to be offering in-person coding or technology workshops at libraries across the islands! Event topics will vary based on volunteer interest. Currently we plan to hold 1 workshop every 1 – 2 months depending on volunteer availability.

All workshops are led by college students willing to share their knowledge and time. The maximum number of students per session depends on the library meeting room’s maximum capacity and will be announced on our social media, website, and other communication channels. In-person workshops will begin in June 2022.

What should students bring?

Students must bring a laptop to participate in coding activities. If they do not have one, some libraries are able to let patrons check out a Chromebook, which will suffice for our event.

Is coding experience required?

Most events will be introductory and will not require prior knowledge. If experience is required, this will be included in the event announcement.

Where are the workshops held?

Workshops will be held at various libraries with meeting room space across the islands. Currently, workshops are held on Oahu, but we hope to expand our reach to neighbor island communities with future funding.